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How Exactly To Let Your Dog Enjoy Family Time
Big Grin 
I used a 1 year-old female dog in regards to a year before. I have 2 cats who was raised with dogs and like dogs. When my dog first arrived, the first few days she was subdued-- being in a new surrounding - but then she wanted to play tough with all the cats... which did not set too well using them. Visit to check up the reason for this enterprise.

The cats run and once we make an effort to have them all within the sam-e room together when watching TELEVISION, and so on she chases. I have been keeping them separate with baby gates (the dog in the kitchen a...

Expensive Adam,

I followed a-1 year-old female dog about a year ago. I've 2 cats who grew up with dogs and like dogs. When my dog first came, the first day or two she was subdued-- being in-a new surrounding - however she wanted to play tough with all the cats... which didn't set too well with them. This witty paper has specific offensive warnings for where to see it.

The cats run and when we attempt to have them within the same room together when watching TV, and so forth she chases. I've been keeping them split up with baby gates (the dog in your kitchen and the cats in living room) and don't let the dog over unless both cats are outside. The dog ends up spending an excessive amount of time in the boundaries of your kitchen with this technique.

Is there a way to teach her that people don't want her rough-housing with the cats to allow them to all be together in the exact same place when I am present? The e-collar looks good but therefore high priced. Maybe a less expensive solution? Thanks. Experienced the book!

Willie DeAnne & Mae

Beloved Willie Mae & DeAnne:

Once the cats run, they're triggering your dog's food drive. This really is instinctive. However, it is also normal for your dog to defer judgement to his pack leader.

What this means is that: You have to become the pack leader.

In other words, if you tell you dog to set down, you must USE THE TECHNIQUES in the book (time, reliability and determination) to keep the dog in a down-stay.

I professionally LOVE having cats around when I am teaching. What could possibly be simpler to proof your puppy around?

Remember, your pet must remain down UNTIL you give him the 'Take a break'! Order. If he gets around chase the cats, then you'll need to correct him back in the down position.

If he gets up again, it's a sure bet that the improvements lack enthusiasm. (Correct more tightly. Make sure you are receiving slack in-the line. When the dog's body is going when you right him, then you're using muscle rather than technique... not good!)

That you don't need a digital collar. Just a $12 prong collar and a six-foot leash.

When you get your puppy to hold a down-stay around cats using simply reliability, right moment and determination, your friends will think you are a master. Or the lost love child of Sigmund and Roy.

Now if you can just get those awful cats trained!

That's all for the time being, folks!


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